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London Bloggers event

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Hidden upstairs in West End pub (like an Victorian anarchist’s meeting in a Joseph Conrad story) is the monthly London Bloggers Meetup. The pub had an old world feel to it and still advertises Double Diamond beers (at least that’s what the in-pub signage said). Up the tight winding stairs and into a friendly room equipped with a plasma screen I felt like I had been transported back from the 1950s into the 21st century. I finally got to meet  organiser and marketing expert Andy Bargery in person, we had talked previously online.

There was more familiar attendees including Annie Mole, Rob Hinchcliffe and SpinvoxJames Whatley. All of us had managed to parley blog writing into some from of professional benefit. With Annie having managed to get a book publishing deal to channel her passion for the London Underground system.

New people I met included Improbulus who shared her emperical experience in developing a search engine-friendly blog with the rest of the group:

Improbulus also is a die-hard Psion 5 user, but I may have tempted her to shop around for a Nokia E90. Other people included Pete and Julius who blogs about event management.

There were presentations at the London Bloggers event from:

London Bloggers are running these events on a regular basis, managed through