Jacob & Co. Epic SF24

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The EPIC SF24 is a bit of a curate’s egg. Jacob & Co. is a brand that I knew of through it’s connection to hip-hop culture. They are referenced in the lyrics of 50Cent, Jay Z and Kanye West. The brand is positioning itself with more conventional luxury customers with a mix of high-end jewellery and watches. They had a recent exhibition in Monaco of their latest range on August 5 – 23, 2014.

Whilst none where something I would normally pay attention to; the most visually interesting watch they came out with was the EPIC SF24 which had an unusual take on creating a world time display. The top is a 24-hour time indicator that seems to flip around like an electromechanical airport or railway station sign giving the watch a steam punk vibe.
Epic SF24
Some of the other details like the crown on the side of the watch reminded me a little of Jaeger-LeCoultre’s Master Compressor series, but with a more practical lower profile that would avoid snagging whilst on the wrist. The movement is said to be a JCAA02 with SF24 module; I don’t know whether the movement is in-house designed; or more likely, a modified version of an existing movement by one of the big movement manufacturers like ETA. Raiding the parts bin is perfectly respectable in Swiss watchmaking.

It comes in a number of types of gold and titanium – titanium is a particularly interesting choice given the challenges working with the metal on such an intricate case design. Its aimed at the kind of person who thinks that Hublot is no longer making statement watches and Frank Mueller bores them to tears. We’re talking a tiny global customer base. More luxury related content here.

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