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Rare and the rise and fall of Kinect • – or how Microsoft fumbled the future with Kinect. Kinect is a motion-sensing piece of hardware, allowing users to interact with Xbox games. It is able to monitor the movements of up to four people at the same time.  More related technology stories here.

Backdoor on Juniper firewalls – Schneier on Security – if it wasn’t the NSA who did this, we have a case where a US government backdoor effort (Dual-EC) laid the groundwork for someone else to attack US interests

China’s share of global LCD chip market to jump from zero to 12pc – SCMP – I expected it to be higher both in terms of volume and value. (paywall)

Don’t feel guilty about buying tech toys this holiday season – Slate – interesting riff on the angst that parents of gen-x kids had about television. I suspect it isn’t about the toy, but about time poverty of the parents

The Google Nexus 6P Review – Anandtech – expensive for what it is – interesting review, bear in mind that Google chose the spec for Huawei to implement. Price point considered expensive for the product in the review

What’s next for Apple? – CBS News – Charlie Rose so not exactly hard hitting