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George Gilderism + more things

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George Gilderism An interesting debate on what I would term “George Gilderism” of the techno-utopia is just around the corner versus the concern that innovation is slowing. George Gilder is the author of Telecosm; which encapsulated techno-utopian optimism at its peak in the mid-1990s; just as the web was coming into its own. ‘George Gilderism’ […]

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Perfect market on internet?

Published: (Updated: ) in business | 商業 | 상업 | ビジネス, consumer behaviour | 消費者行為 | 소비자 행동, economics | 經濟學 | 경제학 | 経済, ethics | 倫理 | 윤리학, ideas | 想法 | 생각 | 考える, online | 線上 | 온라인으로 | オンライン, technology | 技術 | 기술 | テクノロジー by . 1 Comment on Perfect market on internet?.

Online perfect market introduction The train of thought on this blog post about online as a perfect market coalesced when I was re-reading Kevin Kelly’s New Rules for the New Economy for the first time in a decade. Kelly’s book built on the work done by fellow Wired contributor John Browning who pulled together The […]