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Avios rewards

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I have over 106,000 Avios, enough to get me from Heathrow to Hong Kong first-class and still have some left over. These are frequent flyer points given out by British Airways. I have a lot of them and wanted to spend them. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to cash them in the four times or […]

Consumer interest in iOS etc.

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If you’re like me you read far more journalist analysis of the wireless phone market than is good for you. I thought that it would be instructive to have a look at what consumers are looking for instead and look for any patterns. After sales availability and visibility consumer interest is probably the biggest determinator […]

Donkey Bong and other curios

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I’ve had a number of links sent to me that were too good not to share with you all: Donkey Bong, Graff Jewellery, PBS on porn and more. Donkey Bong JoeCartoon clogged up many networks in the late 90’s with his un-PC and puerile flash animations, creating characters like the Cheech & Chong ‘Stoned Fly’ […]