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The Fifth Risk by Michael Lewis

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Michael Lewis’ The Fifth Risk is marketed as a Trump presidency book. The Donald The Fifth Risk starts off by telling the story of Chris Christie. How he helped the future Trump administration organise a government in waiting. Christie and the team are let go. Trump was worried about spending money. Given the revelations about […]

Five for Friday | 五日(星期五)

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Things that made my day this week. I have been quiet on here as El Capitan has a real problem with memory leakage with regards to, this necessitated a complete rebuild of the computer (which didn’t solve anything) and an eventual pruning of the library. This is a real software quality problem for Apple. […]

A Colossal Failure Of Common Sense by Lawrence G. McDonald with Patrick Robinson

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Every financial point of inflection be it a recession or a boom has its signature event. The internet boom was marked by the IPO of Netscape and the merger of AOL with media company Time Warner. The internet bust was marked by Worldcom and Enron’s collapse. The current subprime implosion in the US was marked […]