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Shenzhen ecosystem

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Reading Time: 3 minutes It is hard to believe that the Shenzhen ecosystem was built over just a few decades. Just over 30 years ago China moved from a period of cultural isolation to gradually opening up to the commercial world beyond its borders. The place to naturally start this was in Guangdong province close to the then British […]

Observations from Shenzhen, China

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Reading Time: 4 minutes I spent some time in Shenzhen recently and here is some of the things that I found during my stay. The pace of development is slower than it was before, the number of cranes I saw and ready-mix concrete wagons on the road was less than before. There is still a lot of building work […]

Impressions of China, from Shenzhen

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Reading Time: 4 minutes My first impressions of China are tied to a single number. China has a current economic growth rate of 8 per cent. 8 per cent growth Even if the UK economy were overheating in a boom, it would be barely running at 3  percent growth. 8 per cent growth creates a huge amount of activity. […]