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Citizen M Hotel & other things this week

Reading Time: 2 minutes Citizen M Hotel I had some meetings and discovered what a good meeting space the lobby of the Citizen M Hotel in Bankside is. The downside I managed to lose my favourite pen, that was my fault; not the hotel. Of course, that didn’t take the sting out of it. The Citizen M Hotel lobby… Continue reading Citizen M Hotel & other things this week

The Tizen Post

Reading Time: 4 minutes BusinessInsider published an interesting article about Samsung, the Tizen mobile operating system and Apple. Some of the assertions in the article looked over certain facts about Tizen. What is it? Tizen is a mobile operating system based on Linux, in this respect it shares common ground with Firefox OS, Ubuntu for smartphones and Google’s Android… Continue reading The Tizen Post

Steaming + more news

Reading Time: 13 minutes Steaming Luxury Stores Across the US Hit By Mass Heists in the Same Week – Robb Report – this sounds like a classic example of steaming. Steaming is a British phrase describing the phenomenon of shoplifting, when a large group of (usually youths) enter a store en masse and engage in shoplifting. Steaming puts a… Continue reading Steaming + more news