Another Close Encounter of The Third Kind

Reading Time: 1 minute I am too young to remember Close Encounters of the Third Kind when it first came out at the cinema. I remember watching it in the mid 1980’s round at a friends house whilst playing hookie from school. I quite liked it but my peers preferred the American Ninja series, The Octagon, The Hitcher and … Read moreAnother Close Encounter of The Third Kind

Frankie Knuckles Day

Reading Time: 1 minute   Today is Frankie Knuckles Day in Chicago. From Wikipedia: Frankie Knuckles (born January 18, 1955 as Frank Warren Knuckles Jr.) is a DJ, producer and remix artist. He has earned the appellation “The godfather of house music.” Born in New York City he was educated at the Dwyer School of Art and went on … Read moreFrankie Knuckles Day

Star Wars Web Gem

Reading Time: 1 minute TROOPS is a witty well crafted 10-minute short done by Star Wars fans. Imagine Imperial Stormtroopers doing a Cops style reality show with a bit of ‘troop brutality’ on the jawas, their sandcrawler and Luke Skywalker’s guardians having a domestic. Pure class! You can download it here, Quicktime is required for playback.

The ‘Dead: Fantastic Free Bootleg Collection

Reading Time: 1 minute While surfing in search of a copy of Fahrenheit 911, the Michael Moore political film I came across a treasure trove of Grateful Dead bootlegs on their servers. The Dead are part of a US phenomenon of ‘jam bands’ – people who make their money by touring and sell just enough records for to … Read moreThe ‘Dead: Fantastic Free Bootleg Collection

Too Good Not to Include

Reading Time: 8 minutes Fantastic piece of satire by OpenDemocracy which can be found here and below: Imagine a McKinsey style outfit touting for work amongst the local entrepreneurs, and they were commissioned by Al Queda to produce a report on their struggle. The SWISH Report Paul Rogers 14 – 7 – 2004 If al–Qaida had a planning unit … Read moreToo Good Not to Include