Shoot the marketing department

Reading Time: 1 minute Dell cigarette lighter Originally uploaded by renaissancechambara. Dell recently launched its latest MP3 product the Dell DJ Ditty. It is designed by Dell to compete with the iPod Shuffle. First of all the name, what kind of marketer would labour their ‘cool’ new product with the name ditty. You’d only go and ask for one … Read moreShoot the marketing department

Design: Sinn U2 watch

Reading Time: 2 minutes Black strap, the Sinn U2, metal bracelet the Sinn EZM3 Sinn is a German watchmaker who have a reputation of producing fantastically designed and produced watches. I’ve started to look around to add to my watch collection and paid particular interest to Sinn’s latest model dive watch, the U2. It is made of specially hardened … Read moreDesign: Sinn U2 watch

Design Classic: Halliburton Zero

Reading Time: 2 minutes Halliburton is now a name entwined with the Bush Cheney government, usually to do with allegations of overcharging for services or the manner in which they have been awarded contracts. The company had a long and proud history as a pioneer in the oil services industry. As with any pioneer, when the couldn’t find appropriate … Read moreDesign Classic: Halliburton Zero

Its Spring Time

Reading Time: 1 minute Japanese watch nut Seiya Kobayashi has an interesting new Seiko model on his website. While the dial and case design looks like a dogs dinner, the spring drive at the heart of the watch is an interesting answer to the question of making a mechanical watch as accurate as a quartz watch. I contributed an … Read moreIts Spring Time

Design classic in the making

Reading Time: 1 minute Design classic in the making Originally uploaded by renaissancechambara. Omega has had a well-deserved reputation for making some of the world’s best timepieces and is the flagship brand of the Swatch group. Its co-axial movement introduced a few years ago was a major step forward in mechanical watch design. Now Omega has developed a watch … Read moreDesign classic in the making