Gliding Along on Mixed Metaphors

Reading Time: 1 minute Baileys Glide is Baileys Irish Cream with vanilla flavouring in a hotel minature bar sized bottle and aimed at the sophisticated alco pop drinker. Though I haven’t come across it prior to seeing some advertising posters, it has sold well over 4.3 million bottles (thats a lot of cholesterol and alcohol poisoning) through supermarkets, offlicences […]

Supa Stylin’ on ya Bike

Reading Time: 1 minute Your ride has just two wheels and no Hemmy under the hood, just you peddling. Ok, your bike might be a Schwinn, but it still says LOSER!! But, it needn’t; what if you could your ride could bask in the majestic aura of neon low lighting. Now you can thanks to Fossil Fool and their […]

Rad Gear For Coming Down

Reading Time: 1 minute Ok, its the Sunday morning (late) after the Saturday night, your feet are aching, your clothes stink of cigarettes and your ear drums have been desensitised by 5 kW of music power. Oh yeah and your best mate is working his way through the contents of your fridge. Some jazzy gear to ease those frayed […]

Return of my Watch

Reading Time: 1 minute I’ve looked forward to the return of my watch. Its been almost three months but my old Submariner has been serviced by Rolex in London. The watch is immaculate and I see no reason in ever buying a new one. The service and a new brezel cost almost 200GBP, but the quality of the work […]