Nice Design Site

Reading Time: 1 minute The Goethe Institute has a selection of what it considers to be great German product and industrial design including the Fischer wall plug, the Nivea pot, Rimowa cases and Leibniz butter biscuits. For obvious reasons they leave off the Volkswagen Beetle, but do include the Porsche 911. Have an exploration of their selection here.

PSP Print ads

Reading Time: 1 minute PSP Print ads Originally uploaded by renaissancechambara. I like these new single sheet ads on the London Underground for the Sony PSP. The designers deliberate use of white space must have taken quite some convincing of the marketing manager to sign off. Also the poster shows that an effective poster can be done in just … Read morePSP Print ads

Assault on the senses

Reading Time: 1 minute Part of the benefit of the web is that allows you access to more information than you could possibly process.PointCast push software was to information what loft apartments were to New York real estate. It flaunted its riches of information in a constantly moving colour display that was enough to turn your average epilepsy sufferer … Read moreAssault on the senses


Reading Time: 2 minutes When I was a teenager just before the whole rave thing really took off some of the sportswear shops in my home town of Birkenhead stocked a range of surf wear: Think Pink, Ocean Pacific as the ‘No Fear’ or Oxbow of their day. The brand that stood out the most was Global Hypercolor. Global … Read moreHypercolour

Halloween at DPMHI

Reading Time: 1 minute The DPMHI shop in Great Pultney Street had a violence strewn mural on the back wall for Halloween. In stark black and white like Pacino’s Scarface meets Raymond Chandler, it featured suited assassins descending from the skylights and gun club targets at eye-level.