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Slow social

Caterina Fake: Fast Growth for a Social App Is a Very Bad Thing – AllThingsD – slow social approach is based on the idea that it’s not just about numbers, its about community social norms and ethos which take time to develop within a group. Fake pioneered building slow social type communities at during the dot com era. The slow social way was then perfected by Fake and others at Flickr. You can find Caterina’s personal site here.


Energy Risk Ranks Third – businesses increasingly concerned about energy shocks

AOL Sells IM Service ICQ To Russia’s DST For $187.5 Million | paidContent

Consumer behaviour

Data point: How shoppers are using their phones | JWT Intelligence

American Households Not as Reckless as You Think | Mother Jones – or why the debt is going to take decades to work out

China Social Users More Likely to Engage with Brands | China Internet Watch

comScore Releases the “2012 Mobile Future in Focus” Report – comScore, Inc


In Back Alleys and Basements, Video Arcades Quietly Survive | – a bit like music genres when they get taken back underground


Cool Infographics – Cool Infographics – 10 Tips for (journalists) Designing Infographics

Mark Gray on Vimeo – inspirational space programme footage


Nestle, Palm Oil and Social Media, Oh My! | Search Engine Journal

How to

::Track This Now:: Track articles across the world on a map – nice mash-up

SynergyKM | Free software downloads at – use one keyboard across multiple machines without special hardware

3 Creative Ideas to Use Google for Link Building Search | Search Engine Journal


Japan to develop own mobile app platform | Mobile Entertainment News


On The State of China Intellectual Property Enforcement And Cars. – China Law Blog: a blog about Chinese law and the legal issues of doing business in China. – rapid acceleration to world-class status

Bill Would Extend DMCA-Style Takedowns To ‘Personal Info’ | Techdirt – this could go horribly wrong as the law and judiciary try to wrestle with what is personal information

ACTA year-long impounding of suspected fakes could hurt businesses | Pinsent Masons LLP

Murdoch news wire pursues ‘hot news’ claim | Pinsent Masons LLP – interesting concept, could this be used by PR people to hit media that break embargoes?


Bracelets by another name | – how a change in language sells accessories to men


Wired for chance | Excapite – Nigel Scott on my recent post on online marketing

Eric Schmidt On Google’s IPO: Bad Press Made Us More Money | paidContent – no such thing as bad publicity

MediaPost Publications Why PR, Start-Ups Don’t Always Mix 04/28/2010


Weibo Increases the Frequency, Speed and Impact of Crises | China IWOM Blog

3 in 10 display ads delivered are never seen, often because users fail to scroll down the webpage or scroll too fast

New Rules of the New Economy – Wired – from which Kevin Kelly’s book sprang from

Monocolumn – Battle of the New York newspapers [Monocle]


When Members Dont Have Time To Participate In Your Community – FeverBee – The Online Community Guide

IAC’s Challenges PlentyOfFish’s Dating Stats | paidContent

MediaPost Publications Social Lubricant For Frictionless Web 04/28/2010 – on the new Facebook changes

Is Pinterest the Next Big Social Network in Europe?


MediaPost Publications Pop-Up Power: Retail’s Recession Invention 04/28/2010

Slashdot Apple Story | Apple Bans Online Sales In Japan


Enemy Lurks in Briefings on Afghan War – PowerPoint – – the money quote “It’s dangerous because it can create the illusion of understanding and the illusion of control,” General McMaster said in a telephone interview afterward. “Some problems in the world are not bullet-izable.”

U.S. moves to isolate Japanese, Russian crime groups ‹ Japan Today

Shopping – really nice simple Japanese products

Art. Lebedev Studio Worldwide Store


Mozilla partners up with LG to combat Apple and Google with its own device | ExtremeTech

UPDATE: 38 Infinity Ward Employees File Lawsuit Against Activision Over Royalties, Alleges Devs Held “Hostage” – – Activision has lost already. If they lose the case they have to pay damaged and will find it hard to get talent. If they win, they will find it hard to get talent.

Did Microsoft Just Step In To Help HTC Fight Apple? Or Are They After Android Too?

30 Inspiring WebGL (Chrome) Experiments

“Unethical” HTML video copy protection proposal draws criticism from W3C reps


Apple Readying ‘Products That Will Blow Your Mind’ – Forbes

How I Met Your Motherboard: Tales of Early Computing – I love the idea and the visual design of this