Richard Dimbleby Lecture

The annual Richard Dimbleby lecture is one my favourite BBC institutions. James Dyson, this years speaker took a leaf from Will Hutton’s The State We’re In, lamenting the distruction of the ecology that supported the manufacturing industry in the UK – such as sub contractors in metal working and coatings that helped him invent the […]

Incomplete but great

In the world of product design, the design consultancies get an undue amount of space on page. A Japanese website seeks to rectify this by highlighting the designs done by anonymous inhouse engineers who also looked after the product design durning the golden age of Japanese consumer goods from the 1960s through to the mid […]

Good Design

When I got my copy of Real Business magazine there was a cleverly designed piece of collateral that caught my eye promoting London Innovation. Based on the theme of gaining a competitive edge, the design motif boasted the top half of ‘Competitive edge’ on the edge of the paper, causing you to open it up […]

Oprah Time: Running Money by Andy Kessler

Andy Kessler’s Running Money, Hedge Fund Honchos, Monster Markets And My Hunt For The Big Score is a well written set of memoirs from a technology fund manager. Together with his partner-in-crime Fred Kittler, Kessler managed to survive the highs and lows of the technology industry in the late 1990’s, he tells the story in […]

Gliding Along on Mixed Metaphors

Baileys Glide is Baileys Irish Cream with vanilla flavouring in a hotel minature bar sized bottle and aimed at the sophisticated alco pop drinker. Though I haven’t come across it prior to seeing some advertising posters, it has sold well over 4.3 million bottles (thats a lot of cholesterol and alcohol poisoning) through supermarkets, offlicences […]