Design Matters

Reading Time: 1 minute A nice video interview by with HP about product design. The interview puts a particular focus on a consistent user experience across all their devices from kiosks, living room PC remote controls, rack systems to cameras and printers. They are looking to create a HP look-and-feel. Much of their challenge seems to be constantly … Read moreDesign Matters

A dreadfully simple idea

Reading Time: 1 minute I went home for the weekend to see the folks in Liverpool, I had not been on Virgin Trains for a good while and went on one of their new tilting ‘Pendolino’ trains.Whilst Virgin have tried to give passengers the airline treatment with radio and air conditioning that actually works, the big boon for me … Read moreA dreadfully simple idea

Adidas Originals boutique

Reading Time: 1 minute Adidas Originals boutique Originally uploaded by renaissancechambara. I love this clever piece of window dressing. The cathode ray tubes and innards have been removed from some vintage televisions and replaced with gels of imagery from this years Adidas Originals collection and backlit with a fluorescent tube inside the cabinet.


Reading Time: 1 minute Nape Originally uploaded by renaissancechambara. A Bathing Ape’s trainers were inspired by Nike’s Air Force One designs. Now Nike has returned the complement co-opting Bape’s use of bright candy colour pastels and patent leather type finishes in its summer limited editions for sneaker freakers. Seen at Size? in Covent Garden.