Its Spring Time

Reading Time: 1 minute Japanese watch nut Seiya Kobayashi has an interesting new Seiko model on his website. While the dial and case design looks like a dogs dinner, the spring drive at the heart of the watch is an interesting answer to the question of making a mechanical watch as accurate as a quartz watch. I contributed an […]

Design classic in the making

Reading Time: 1 minute Design classic in the making Originally uploaded by renaissancechambara. Omega has had a well-deserved reputation for making some of the world’s best timepieces and is the flagship brand of the Swatch group. Its co-axial movement introduced a few years ago was a major step forward in mechanical watch design. Now Omega has developed a watch […]

Poor design

Reading Time: 1 minute The Stereophonics are not a band I particularly like. What I really dislike however is the art for their new release, an unholy mish-mash of Paul Smith=like candy strips and Designers Republic-type distressed typography with kerning settings developed by a blind man. Apologies for the poor quality of the picture I took it with the […]

Slicing the cake

Reading Time: 1 minute Why Apple makes a little money on a PC. Much electronics are based on open designs often developed by the likes of Quanta, Flextronics or one of their competitors. That laptop with Dell on the front, or a Motorola cell phone, do you honestly think that Dell or Motorola designed it? No they didn’t, many […]

Richard Dimbleby Lecture

Reading Time: 1 minute The annual Richard Dimbleby lecture is one my favourite BBC institutions. James Dyson, this years speaker took a leaf from Will Hutton’s The State We’re In, lamenting the distruction of the ecology that supported the manufacturing industry in the UK – such as sub contractors in metal working and coatings that helped him invent the […]