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Throwback gadget: Sony Walkman WM-R202

Reading Time: 2 minutes I got a Sony Walkman WM-R202 and loved it, though it was only for a short while. Back when I started work I was obliged to do night classes in advanced chemistry. It was tough going (partly because I wasn’t that focused). I had a long commute home in a company minibus and my existing […]

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I like: Sony’s Smarteyglasses

Reading Time: < 1 minute Ok, first of all I am still not on the wearable utopia boat yet, but I wanted to share this short video of Sony’s Smarteglasses. I think that Sony’s engineers have got a couple of things right in the design: The glasses look as if something that people would wear (ok maybe just Gok Wan) […]

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The Sony post

Reading Time: 4 minutes If business books were ever written like a Greek tragedy, they would probably read a lot like the history of Sony. If you follow this blog at all you will notice that I occasionally review past technologies or gadgets and Sony is the brand which featured most prominently with six posts so far. This is […]