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Butzi Porsche

Ferdinand A. Porsche, 76, Dies – Designed Celebrated 911 – NYTimes.com – Butzi Porsche dead. Butzi Porsche came from a family of engineers. His grandfather led the original team behind the Volkswagen Beetle. His father had been part of that engineering team and went on to found what we now know as Porsche. However, Butzi Porsche wasn’t engineer but a designer with technical chops. After an infamous meeting of the Porsche family, no members were allowed to work at Porsche. Butzi Porsche didn’t get to do more after he designed the 911. Instead Butzi Porsche started Porsche Design. Butzi Porsche did product design for other companies. Porsche Design also came out with its own products with Butzi Porsche designing watches, glasses and more. Butzi Porsche resigned from Porsche Design in 2005 due to ill health.

Porsche 911 targa with Fuchs wheels


GLOSSYBOX Men-Beauty Products for Men – birch box for metrosexuals

Consumer behaviour

Why Are So Many Americans Single? : The New Yorker – single living was not a social aberration but an inevitable outgrowth of mainstream liberal values. Supported by modern communications platforms and urban living infrastructure: coffee shops, laundrettes

Men Are Becoming the Undereducated Gender – Businessweek

Why I’ve Decided To Quit Facebook – Business Insider – really interesting rationale on this, declining utility fits in with what I have said previously here and here

Study: ‘digital natives’ switch devices and platforms every two minutes, lack emotional engagement | The Verge


A Room for London | Hearts of Darkness: David Byrne – interesting found sound experiment


How The Ups And Downs Of Today’s Mega Cities Will Shape Tomorrow’s Urban Boom – Worldcrunch


China’s economy: Feels like white elephants? | The Economist – interesting article that puts China’s investment into perspective, not as big a deal as people make out

More U.S. Children of Immigrants Are Leaving U.S. – NYTimes.com – as economic power moves, talent moves

U.S. should end Bush tax cuts to shrink debt: economist | Reuters

Can a Country Have Too Many Millionaires? – WSJ

How Computers Are Creating a Second Economy Without Workers – The Atlantic

An Important Shift in the Yuan Debate – WSJ – Yuan much closer to correct value than previous US estimates let on

China’s Economy: The First Quarter Data – WSJ

Something ‘Crazy’ Is Happening In The Southern California Housing Market – Business Insider – indicates that consumers suspect instability in terms of: ability to pay for a house or get a mortgage, expect further correction in house prices so want to pay for the flexibility or expect increase in cost of loans that they don’t want to be exposed to

Frank Quattrone On The IPO Market – Business Insider

North Sea oil likely to remain profitable to small explorers for at least another 20 years, EnQuest chief says


Data point: China becomes the world’s biggest grocery market | JWT Intelligence

Burger King’s Rebranding Plan – Business Insider – broadening demographic to take in more than 17 per cent of the market

Kraft break-up yields marketing shift: Warc.com – the break-up is ironic when you look at the trouble they went to, in order to buy Cadburys and then break their business down broadly into Cadburys + Jacobs Suchard vs Kraft US.

Hong Kong

C.Y. eyes bigger role in market | SCMP.com – Hong Kong chief executive ready to do market interventions were necessary abandoning laissez-faire ethos (paywall)

HK’s rich hesitate to have babies | SCMP.com – interesting takeaways: didn’t want the emotional commitment, time poverty, financial stability / too small a living space and concerned about the local environment not being suitable for children. It was interesting that the education system was given such a hard time, given that it’s better than the UK system (paywall)

Attempt to extend graft law ‘hindered’ | SCMP.com – interesting in context with the Sun Hung Kai Properties case (paywall)

How to

QArt Coder – awesomeness

Fly Through Airport Security – Wired How-To Wiki

RSS Mix – Mix any number of RSS feeds into one unique new feed!


What Fuels the Most Influential Tweets? – The Atlantic – study formulises influence versus popularity

Motherboard TV: William Gibson in Real Life | Motherboard – interesting thoughts on urban planning and innovation

The Rise of Global Feudalism | The Diplomat – the collapse of the global middle class


IMAX/DMAX As Textbook Example Of What Happens To Foreign Technology In China

Hitachi Develops High-efficiency Motor Without Using Neodymium — Tech-On! – interesting move that gets around the need for rare earth metals

Samsung’s flexible, ‘unbreakable’ AMOLED displays to be called ‘Youm’ | The Verge

Analysts start Intel Ivy Bridge CPU teardown – with three dimensional transistors


Sumo wrestlers take part in anti-yakuza parade ‹ Japan Today – interesting that the Japanese police are running a non-fraternisation campaign so members of the public will not have anything to do with the yakusa


Korea: March Social Media News Update | Asia Digital Map


The Top 20 Movers, Shakers and Decision-Makers in China Fashion | BoF

Raf Simons becomes artistic director of Dior | FT.com

War Of The Noses – France’s Luxury Brands Battle Over Top ‘Authors’ Of Perfume – Worldcrunch

French fashion chain Hermes makes a bags of it with four leaf Shamrock | IrishCentral

Redefining luxury for a mobile world — Mobile Technology News

When fashion is stranger than fiction – FT.com – interesting experiment by LVMH for customers to follow their bag from crocodile to leaving the factory fully assembled

agnès b. | VICE – great interview with French fashion designer agnés b


Fueling the hunger for The Hunger Games – The New York Times – really interesting comment: …during the 1980s you bought the poster and once a year went to a convention and met your people for something like Star Trek (and Star Wars). It misses out the fact that you are likely to have had real-world friends that you would have talked about it with as well – marketers now seem blindsided to the real-world


Apple Fires Back at the Feds, Amazon – AllThingsD

U.S. tries to silence MegaUpload lawyers on issue of user data – CNET News

CHART OF THE DAY: Google Cost-Per-Click Change – Business Insider – interesting decline in cost-per-click, but on its own without further depth of information not terribly meaningful

Amazon SVP of Worldwide Digital Media Steven Kessel Taking Time Off – AllThingsD

Businessweek – How tos – Businessweek has gone very Wired magazine with this issue

Amazon’s Kindle Family Is In Trouble, Says Pacific Crest – Business Insider

US Govt. Objects To Megaupload Hiring Top Law Firm | TorrentFreak

Everything you need to know about the e-book lawsuit in one post — paidContent

Megaupload Goes to Court: A Primer | Electronic Frontier Foundation

Megaupload Points Out That The Feds Want To Destroy Relevant Evidence In Its Case | Techdirt

MPAA boss: ‘SOPA isn’t dead yet’ • The Register

Universal Says EMI Purchase Won’t Create Monopoly Because There’s Rampant… PIRACY! – hypebot – next week record executive shoots partner and claims pirates made me do it

Exclusive: Yahoo’s Chief Product Officer Blake Irving Resigns – AllThingsD – I guess that nukes the Microsoft takeover from the inside


The Google Of China: The Secret Of Baidu’s Runaway Search-Engine Success – Worldcrunch

Will Yahoo Torch its Search Deal With Microsoft, Outsource Search to Google? – Search Engine Watch (#SEW) – this would be the smart thing to do for customers and advertising conversation rates, but can Yahoo! extract itself from the Microsoft (and Facebook) agreements respectively?

Commission asks ECJ to assess ACTA’s compliance with fundamental rights

Asia overtakes western markets for online video consumption- report – Digital Intelligence – Digital marketing research and news

The Law of Shitty Clickthroughs | Andrew Chen (@andrewchen)

China’s Internet Population to Double US and Japan Combined by 2015 | Tech in Asia

Hot New Social Network Pinterest Torn Apart by Marginally Crude Picture

Facebook Adds To Download Your Information – AllFacebook

Facebook Blew Off Wall Street Again On The Instagram Purchase – Business Insider

Facebook, Instagram, and Bubblenomics – broadstuff

Instagram’s Buyout: No Bubble to See Here | Epicenter | Wired.com

Mei.fm: Avos Forks Delicous to Suit Chinese Tastes | Tech in Asia – also makes compliance issues easier

INFOGRAPHIC: Your Facebook Data Is Worth $118.34

CHART OF THE DAY: Facebook’s $1 Billion Instagram Acquisition In Context – Business Insider

Instagram • Instagram + Facebook


Amazon’s ‘One-click Patent’ Granted in Japan — Tech-On! – patent filed back in 1998

Fix is in on supermarket shelves, study suggests | SCMP.com – Hong Kong retailers ParknShop and Wellcome accused of collusion (paywall)

I, Cringely » Best Buy is Doomed


Retailer self checkout-lanes increase incidence of theft – Industry Intelligence – including both intentional and unintentional forms—by five times in comparison to when cashiers are working according to Stoplift Checkout Vision Systems Inc.

Anonymous targets UK Government sites with DDoS – The H Security

O2 disclosure ruling could impact on workings of imminent new anti-piracy code, campaigners say“an unknown percentage” of the O2 customers that Golden Eye identified as alleged infringers will not have committed an offence. He said that flaws in using IP addresses as a means to identify infringers would lead to some of those people being wrongly identified.

UK ‘to announce’ real-time phone, email, Web traffic monitoring | ZDNet

I, Cringely » Blog Archive The $30 billion Social Security hack

Britons Protest Government Eavesdropping Plans – NYTimes.com

Four key takeaways from Pew’s new e-reading study — paidContent

British Conservatives evoke paedophiles to justify insane snooping law – Hypocritical oafs | TechEye

How Apple and Google help police bypass iPhone, Android lock screens | Privacy Inc. – CNET News

Apple holds the master decryption key when it comes to iCloud security, privacy

Everything You Wanted to Know About Data Mining but Were Afraid to Ask – The Atlantic


FOSS Patents: Apple is allowed (at long last) to intervene in Lodsys lawsuit against app developers

Hotfile’s Most Downloaded Files Are Open Source Software | TorrentFreak

Mercedes-Benz to offer over-the-air car updates | ExtremeTech

iOS Device Penetration in China in 2011 [MAP] | China Internet Watch

iPad Receptionist – interesting idea

iOS penetration rate reaches 10% in Beijing and Shanghai

dotfiles/.osx at master · mathiasbynens/dotfiles · GitHub – terminal commands to optimise OSX

The next killer app: Machines that see – algorithms to do this are performance hungry. But it could radically change human computer interaction

Transparency as a User Experience Problem | Tech @ FTC


Sharp Begins to Roll Out IGZO TFT-based LCD Panel — Tech-On!

Gartner: Windows 8 Tablets Will Be An Utter Failure – Business Insider

The history of supercomputers – Slideshow | ExtremeTech – a history of awesomeness

OpenFlow in the real world: Carriers, clouds and more — Cloud Computing News

All The Chinese College Girls Are Saying, “Shixiong, I need your help!” | TechNode

Yahoo dives deeper down the Node.js rabbit hole with open-source Mojito | VentureBeat

Surprise: Microsoft makes list of top 20 Linux kernel contributors – GeekWire


MediaPost Publications AOL Sells IP To Microsoft: No, Not That IP 04/09/2012

AOL Sells 800 Patents To Microsoft In $1.056 Billion Deal

Apple criticized for not backing IPv6 Internet Protocol | MacNews

Philips quits TV market, but brand will remain through TP Vision – Pocket-lint – Philips becomes a franchised brand

Former Packeteer CEO brings startup, Pertino, out of the garage – SiliconValley.com – will give organizations with limited IT resources access to enterprise-class networking capabilities via the cloud

Web of no web

Mobile monitoring of asthma ‘no better’ than traditional methods | InPharm

The End Of Navigation Is In Sight | Fast Company

51Degrees.mobi introduces left and right handed device detection – interesting use of inbuilt sensors

Project Glass – Google+ – augmented reality overlay in glasses, Google moving the web-of-no-web

Tweeting, Friending, Poking, Liking And Other Virtual Habits, Now Happening IRL | The Creators Project – silly but talented web-of-no-web projects


Could Nokia abandon featurephones? – Rethink Wireless

Meizu MX Quad-core out in June, original MX gets price cut | The Verge

Nokia Swaps Trade Like Junk as Cash Dwindles: Corporate Finance – Businessweek

Xiaomi To Release Second-generation Product In H2 2012 – ChinaTechNews.com

Communities Dominate Brands: These Steps or Nokia is No More – the way back to profits and growth

Google Cost Per Click: Larry Page “Very Bullish” On Mobile | WebProNews

How Samsung beat Nokia | asymco

Google needs to sell Motorola, but doesn’t know it | ExtremeTech

Teardown Shows Nokia’s Lumia 900 Costs $209 to Build – AllThingsD

Communities Dominate Brands: Nokia Profit Warning (again) – Here is what you need to know why it is actually far worse – Tomi on a tear

‘Extremely poor’ Symbian sales, mixed Lumia sales to leave Nokia with another rough quarter

Communities Dominate Brands: Largest Mobile Social Networks Today by Size of User Base

Chart of the week: how to sell smartphones in China | FT.com

AT&T will spend more promoting the Lumia than it did on Apple’s iPhone – I am not sure that will help all that much since the publicity campaign seemed to be counterproductive

Microsoft And Nokia Launch The Lumia 900 On Easter – Business Insider – not certain it was that big a deal

More HTC handsets with Beats headphones? Probably not | CNET News

Why Is AT&T Releasing Nokia’s Big Phone on Easter? – NYTimes.com – retailing tactical mistake?

Demographic Profile of Smartphone Users in China | China Internet Watch

Lumia 900: How Nokia And Microsoft Become Disruptors | Forrester Blogs – Forrester is surprisingly positive about Nokia, but it assumes that Samsung will rollover

‘BBM Table Service’ at No Black Tie | The Malay Mail – why weren’t BlackBerry learning and doing this kind of thing in other markets?

Lumia 900 review | The Verge – not the blockbuster that Nokia hopes it will be: let down by average hardware and software issues

iPhone Tops Sales Charts at Each of Its U.S. Carriers – AllThingsD

Ofcom eyes LTE in 700-MHz band – will mean shifting over digital terrestrial TV to 600MHz. LTE on 700MHz not due for a while then

Audience reverse engineers human hearing for mobile

NTT DOCOMO to Dissolve Communication Platform Planning Co., Ltd. | NTT DOCOMO Global – interesting that this fell apart given the IP that NTT Docomo and potential sales that it brings to the table

RIM Quarterly Post-Mortem – BYTE