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Microsoft in Yahoo! saga

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Microsoft in Yahoo! saga Re/code has an interesting article on how Microsoft in Yahoo! saga continues to influence the sell off of Yahoo! assets by investing money in whichever bid coalition wins. This feels like a riff on Yahoo!’s history over the past six years. Careful balancing act for Microsoft The 2010 aggressive bid for […]

Microsoft Windows event

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I’ve been in-and-out of meetings that prevented me from reflecting fully on the Microsoft Windows 10 event of October 7, 2015. Microsoft put a lot of content out there which is worthwhile picking through. I have put these items in the order that they occur to me rather than an order of importance. Microsoft Windows […]

The Nokia Microsoft Post

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Nokia Microsoft deal In the week since the news broke my thoughts on the acquisition by Microsoft of Nokia’s device business have slowly coalesced into the notes that make up this post. The two Nokia’s The acquisition is a tale of two businesses, the first business is a business services, cloud computing and network hardware […]