By the numbers

Reading Time: 1 minute If you have been following the three-ring circus that has been the US presidential election you may find this link with graphics and updated results from the New York Times Online useful. During the few days I spent back in Liverpool the subject of the election came up with my old school friend Joe, he […]

Oprah Time: Running Money by Andy Kessler

Reading Time: 2 minutes Andy Kessler’s Running Money, Hedge Fund Honchos, Monster Markets And My Hunt For The Big Score is a well written set of memoirs from a technology fund manager. Together with his partner-in-crime Fred Kittler, Kessler managed to survive the highs and lows of the technology industry in the late 1990’s, he tells the story in […]

The Hidden Manifestos

Reading Time: 1 minute Much of the media coverage online, in print and broadcast has focused on the razmatazz of the party conventions and the soap opera dramatics surrounding their characters. What has been largely missed out has been a critique of their economic policies. The New Yorker magazine has posted an outline of George Bush’s tax policy here. […]

Digital Divide

Reading Time: 1 minute A number of years ago in college, I wrote an essay about the role of technology exclusion in society. This internetworking thing was only really starting to get going and we had just changed over the web browsers at the college from Mosiac to Netscape, I used to surf the web in 16 shades of […]

Hudson Institute Economic Update

Reading Time: 4 minutes This was originally posted to the email list for IRWIN M. STELZER 21 June 2004 When markets talk, politicians would do well to listen. The oil markets are doing more than mere talking — they are shouting for the attention of policymakers who seem determined not to listen. First, we have the recent run-up […]