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Tomorrows World

I miss Tomorrows World as a show. It came from a few points that seem to have changed in UK society

  • Lord Reith’s original agenda for the BBC to entertain and educate. It made cutting edge research simple and highlighted its potential benefits
  • A futurism vision in the great and good of society at least, rather than the current viewpoint that we’re all doomed

Now as a society, we no longer know what innovation is. There is no ‘true north’.

Predicting the smart home of 2020

This Tomorrows World programme from 1989 predicts smart home type controls such as Philips Hue bulbs, wireless charging with ‘plug-in pads’, reducing energy consumption and big screen TVs. But there is as much as it gets wrong as well, LCD windows tend to be only use in the swankest offices or high security areas. Our home windows aren’t display screens. Unfortunately we don’t have aerogel as loft insulation due to the inability to make it cheaply via mass production.

One final point that was important was how they talked about consumers having a choice of how smart their home could be. Which showed a real consideration about technological impact that is at odds with smartphones vs. feature phones; or smart TVs vs. ‘dumb’ TVs.


Why Facebook’s Metaverse Is Dead on Arrival | New York magazineIn actuality, Facebook is basically spending $10 billion on a prayer that, in the short run, it might change the conversation. It gives them an opportunity to talk about the meta verse instead of insurrection and teen depression – or that Meta has moved from being a growth company to a value company…


God Said Give ’Em Drum Machines and the sound of old… – The Face 


IMF warns high inflation will persist longer in UK than similar economies | Financial Times – not terribly surprising

The stock market rarely produces average returns | Yahoo! Finance – that’s why they are an average (ok technically a mean)


Moody’s blockchain blind spot | Financial Times 

Safaricom Ethiopia obtains approval to set up M-Pesa service – Telecompaper – really interesting timing given the economic disruption and conflict with Tigray province


Tymbals : Phase Changers – interesting marketing thinking


Godfather of Self-Driving Cars Says the Tech Is Going Nowhere | Futurism 


One of the better presentations that addresses fake news and media interference.


This Report Reveals the Most Effective Formats for Mobile Ads / Digital Information World – bigger is better basically


Protests in Iran: State-run live TV hacked by protesters – BBC News 

Security Experts Warn Most Apple Apps On iOS 16 Bypass VPN Connections / Digital Information World 


Singapore Airlines will no longer sack cabin crew who become pregnant | South China Morning Post – that’s very late 20th century of them now

Web of no web

Inside Mark Zuckerberg’s Metaverse Struggles – The New York Times

Lufthansa Bans AirTags: Will Other Airlines Follow? – One Mile at a Time – customer service own goal