Google Czar Dismisses Serfs

Reading Time: 2 minutes There is a story in the New York Times: On Day Care, Google Makes a Rare Fumble by Joe Nocera (July 5, 2008) of how Google is getting tired of treating employees as special. This is on the back of speculation that the company has hit an upper ceiling in search revenues and is closing … Read moreGoogle Czar Dismisses Serfs

The cyber-lynching of David Motari

Reading Time: 2 minutes David Motari is a US Marine who allegedly appeared in a video that was posted on YouTube. The clip showed a US serviceman throw a puppy over a cliff or gulley. I am not going to go into the rights and wrongs of this incident or whether the video is a fake, but was facinated … Read moreThe cyber-lynching of David Motari

Media ethics 2.0

Reading Time: 2 minutes Blogging has some challenges as a media. At the moment the media blogosphere consists of a number of ‘cottage industry’ micro-publishers and a number of progressive traditional media companies.For many of the larger companies blogs offer a cheap CMS (content management system) especially when you consider that in order to have got on board web … Read moreMedia ethics 2.0

PR: getting to gripes

Reading Time: 2 minutes The US Council of PR is about to talk about the thorny issue of client conflict according to Tim Dyson soon, and Edelman a PR company that has a number of conflicted clients under its roof had decided not to renew its membership. Connection?Some six years ago when I worked at Edelman we used to … Read morePR: getting to gripes

Religous group provides the kids with list of violent and debauched must-play games

Reading Time: 1 minute Anybody young enough to remember what is was like being a child or has had children of their own knows that banning items or trying to disuade children from looking at materials is just going to pique their curiosity (think pornography, smoking in the school yard, experimentation wth drink and drugs). With this in mind … Read moreReligous group provides the kids with list of violent and debauched must-play games