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Jeremy Zawodny + other news

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Jeremy Zawodny Leaving Yahoo! (by Jeremy Zawodny) – this is big, as Jeremy bleeds purple. Jeremy Zawodny is to Yahoo! what Matt Cutts would be to Google. Jeremy was active in the MySQL community. The Jeremy Zawodny blog one has helped build relationships for Yahoo! in the developer community and attract potential employees to the […]

Sunday Miscellany

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You know when you’re part of the the technorati when: you’ve had your comments login for Valleywag before they threw the door open to the proletariat. Valleywag is the gossip site du jour for the tech sector, following on from the PC era Notes From The Field that featured in InfoWorld. Whilst everyone at Fortune […]

Pop Truth and Power at the Coca-Cola Company by Constance Hays

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The journey back north gave me time to read Constance Hays expose of the accidental success that is the Coca-Cola company Pop Truth and Power at the Coca-Cola Company. The book was a bit repetitive in parts and could have been reined in with some proper direction and editing, but that’s a problem of the […]


Published: (Updated: ) in business | 商業 | 상업 | ビジネス, economics | 經濟學 | 경제학 | 経済, finance | 은행업, online | 線上 | 온라인으로 | オンライン, technology | 技術 | 기술 | テクノロジー, telecoms | 電信 | 통신 | テレコム by . had an interesting report from Dow Jones Newswire how Level3 the backbone network provider had been exhibiting Enronesque traits. Level 3’s capital-intensive business model is questioned (subscription required) by Helen Draper highlights how Level3 is having to invest huge amounts of money to make just a little money back, hurting its working capital. This […]

How We Got Here

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Over at R/C Towers we have been a bit quiet being all bookish, reading Al Qaeda by Jason Burke, When Genius Failed by Roger Lowenstein and a preview PDF of Andy Kessler’s forthcoming book How We Got Here. Through a former work colleague of mine, I managed to get an invitation to a lecture run […]