Jargon Watch – Akiba-kei

Reading Time: 1 minute akihabaraOriginally uploaded by ivva. Akiba-kei – A Japanese word meaning related to Akihabara. Akihabara is the part of Tokyo famous for its electronic and computer stores. It is also becoming known for catering to other geek consumer tastes including anime, manga and cosplay – think a cuter version of a Star Trek convention. Thanks to … Read moreJargon Watch – Akiba-kei

Big in Japan

Reading Time: 1 minute Why do the Japanese get all the coolest stuff?As part of a collaboration with Italian designer Neroli, Stussy have released a Stussy-branded messenger bag made by Porter. Porter are the luggage manufacturer of choice for Tyler Brule so its damn cool whichever way that you come at it. More in Japanese here.

Street life

Reading Time: 1 minute PingMag has an interesting interview with some of the street fashion photography crews in Tokyo.These are the people that provide style magazines with ‘cool hunter’-type shots of crazy Tokyo kids. Its a strange mix of authentic and commercial as the photographer also brings along a stylist and items of clothing for these temporary models. Some … Read moreStreet life


Reading Time: 1 minute Nape Originally uploaded by renaissancechambara. A Bathing Ape’s trainers were inspired by Nike’s Air Force One designs. Now Nike has returned the complement co-opting Bape’s use of bright candy colour pastels and patent leather type finishes in its summer limited editions for sneaker freakers. Seen at Size? in Covent Garden.