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The Internet of Things (IoT) is already here—just not the way you expected | The Kernel – really good read on the IoT ecosystem that puts things into perspectives. More on IoT here.

Aeon ATM to put cash at your fingertips Aeon Bank will start a trial run of ATM services operated through fingerprints in February, a potential boon to people who are absentminded about their bank cards, passbooks or four-digit codes. Unfortunately, this can be spoofed. Fingerprint readers are familiar territory for spoofing easily.

LG Betting Big on OLED TV for 2016 – This highlights how far Sony and Panasonic fell in display technology. Sony had thrown in its hat after its own efforts failed to scale. This is the first time Sony hasn’t been at the leading edge of display technology since the early 1970s

Jolla announces that it is unable to fulfill all Jolla Tablet crowdfunding perks – I have a lot of time for Jolla but this has been badly handled. If Jolla struggles to get crowdfunding right, God help the average project. I have bought a couple of things via Kickstarter in the past, but got burnt twice and now won’t engage in crowdfunding efforts

Fred Wilson’s Predictions for 2016 – not convinced some of these are up to Fred Wilson’s usual gold-plated reputations for predictions

Books and newspapers will do just fine in 2016. Magazines? Not so much – interesting that print books are making a comeback for children’s literature and adult colouring books; all of this seems to come back to stress

2016 in mobile: Visit a components mall in China… 30 min later, you’re a manufacturer • The Register – one trend overshadowed all others in 2015: there’s tons and tons of everything, massive over-capacity in components. This is likely to mean massive consolidation in the supply chain over time

深二:growing pains | Shenzhen Noted – complex social structure of Shenzhen. There is undoubtedly