Antitrust inquiry + more news

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In China, Microsoft Faces New Antitrust Inquiry | New York Times – not terribly surprising. China’s legal framework is challenging for foreign companies at the best of time. Interpretation of the law, prosecution and judicial penalties of an antitrust inquiry are essentially political in nature (paywall)

China To Implement for Malaysian born Chinese | The Coverage – the article doesn’t mention it but Malaysian born Chinese have been leaving the country due to ‘Malay’ first discrimination laws. This could help with China’s efforts to move up the value chain and aging population – an educated workforce with good morals. The large amount of Christian overseas Chinese could be an issue though. The challenge for Chinese businesses going global is that overseas communities act as a bridge into the market. More on Malaysia here

Yahoo Screen to shut down | Hollywood Reporter – death of one of Marissa Mayer’s media transformation that was a pillar of her plan for Yahoo!

The Rise and Decline of an Open Collaboration System: How Wikipedia’s reaction to popularity is causing its decline – Halfaker, Geiger, Morgan & Riedl – (PDF)

Proportion of big UK companies backing EU membership falls – Deloitte | Reuters – interesting that it mirrors broader public opinion polls. Yes campaign have their work cut out

Digital divide widens as the Web adopts stronger encryption standard – – legacy users of SHA-1

Apple is going to have a tough year – Business Insider – law of large numbers and difficult version 2 of new product categories (the tech sector’s equivalent of an artists second album)

2016: The View From Adland | Sir Martin Sorrell – interesting snapshot of where things are going

How Facebook’s news feed algorithm works.- Slate – touches on what ‘like’ actually means

Microsoft CEO Admits Windows Phone Market Share Is Unsustainable: Report | NDTV – what does this mean for the device manufacturer formally known as Nokia?

DoNot – Whonix – good opsec guidelines for using Tor