Reading Time: 2 minutes Glocal is shorthand for the maxim ‘Think global, act local’. This used to be a mantra for international marketers, but in a world of social media this springs up a myriad of complexities. Some of them good, some of them bad, particularly when global platforms filter foreign feedback into the home market. Or foreign campaigns… Continue reading Glocal

Data centers + other news

Reading Time: 3 minutes Data Centers Hong Kong is best third party Data Centers APAC location | TelecomAsia – Hong Kong is the No. 1 location in Asia Pacific when it comes to suitability for setting up new and outsourced data centers, according to IDC. Based on IDC’s Data Center Index for Asia-Pacific (excluding Japan), Singapore and Taiwan are… Continue reading Data centers + other news

Jeremy Zawodny + other news

Reading Time: 2 minutes Jeremy Zawodny Leaving Yahoo! (by Jeremy Zawodny) – this is big, as Jeremy bleeds purple. Jeremy Zawodny is to Yahoo! what Matt Cutts would be to Google. Jeremy was active in the MySQL community. The Jeremy Zawodny blog one has helped build relationships for Yahoo! in the developer community and attract potential employees to the… Continue reading Jeremy Zawodny + other news