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Oprah time: The Four: The Hidden DNA of Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google by Scott Galloway

Reading Time: < 1 minute Author of The Four; Galloway is known as the founder of L2 and as a perceptive commentator on the digital economy (well as perceptive as anyone is with a bank of researchers behind them). He admits freely in his book that his fame was due to years of effort, advertising spend, researchers, script writers, video […]

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Why Amazon wins?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Why Amazon wins? Well at least one reason. Much has been written about how Amazon has: Amazing data and uses it as a way to try and better understand intent It has access to large amounts of capital so it can scale internationally and defeat local e-tailing champions Amazing logistics foot print to satisfy consumer […]

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The Amazon Dash button post

Reading Time: 4 minutes At the beginning of this month Amazon launched an addition to their Dash ordering hardware with the Amazon Dash button. There was a lot of incredulity amongst the media heightened by the unfortunate timing which overlapped with April’s Fool Day. Why the incredulity? I would break the cynicism down into two broad buckets: The Amazon […]