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Amazon advertising

This Amazon advertising pitch deck is interesting for a number of reasons

They claim that Amazon advertising data taps into consumer purchase behaviour both on and off Amazon – that would be of interest to anti-trust regulators

Otherwise the Amazon advertising seems to have both Facebook and Google advertising offerings squarely in its sights. This will be attractive for many brands that are looking at having a DTC route to market over the coming years.

Amazon Advertising Pitch Deck from Shareen Pathak


Criticize Google, get fired: Spotlight spins on ad giant’s use of soft money • The Register – not terribly surprising


iPhone 8 Purchase Intent could only be hindered by Price – Tech.pinions – research is limited by methodology

People aren’t that excited for iPhone 8, Piper Jaffray says | CNBC – it makes sense, smartphones are a mature device now, the form factor is set (not sure this a good thing), the app market has peaked and the hardware commoditised. You’d buy a new iPhone when your old one is no longer fit for purpose

How Useful Is the Touch Bar on the MacBook Pro? |Makeuseof – no basically


How the NSA identified Satoshi Nakamoto – Alexander Muse – Medium – best argument for Grammarly ever

Internet censorship in China: new rules aim to prevent anyone who hasn’t provided their real identity from commenting online — Quartz – not surprising as the country had been moving towards real ID for a good while


TalkTalk looks to hang up on its mobile business | FT – what does this mean in the broader landscape of telecoms triple play businesses? BT invested a lot buying EE and building up their media properties, Virgin Media still have a triple play offering and Sky has built up both broadband and an MVNO (paywall)

Smartphone prices to rise by 7% this year | total telecom – interesting development in higher end of the market