Princes music + more

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I have been listening to this mix of Princes music. Prince had a diverse song book and the mix covers Princes music catalogue in some depth. It gives a great sampling of the talent we lost when Prince died

YouTube has a cornucopia of content including this great documentary on house music interviewing a succession of insiders to tell the story of how house music became a global phenomena.

Spoon + Tamago had an article about how public baths in Japan were providing online videos for the locked-down customers. Whilst one might not be able to enjoy a good soak, they can enjoy at least some of the ambience. It rather reminded me of the slow TV programming that Norwegian channel NRK, (if you get a chance to watch them, they are remarkably soothing). More on Japanese related topics here.

A quick film on the Hyman Archive of magazines. Reputedly the world’s largest collection of magazines according to the Guinness Book of Records. It is more important as a source of cultural insight over time. I do feel that something is lost in the digitising of the archive. Vogue Italia or Japan isn’t only about the pictures but the overall heft and feeling that you have holding the magazine. Digitisation only gets you so far.

A good presentation to listen to on emerging marketing trends. It calls BS on crypto. I’d have been a bit more skeptical on digital and marketing effectiveness. Terence Kawaja and Geoff Ramsey of eMarketer provides some great data points to back up their opinions on emerging marketing trends. It is refreshing to hear them shred crypto. Their approach to trends is very sensible. I always think about Robert X Cringely’s discussion of trends in terms of surfing. That if you go too early you fail to catch the wave.