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50 things that make me happy

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Pat Law published her list of 50 things that make her happy, which reminded me of a list I made back in November 2008 on things that made my day. Why 50 tings that make me happy?  The 50 is a challenge and a limitation in the writing of this post. Like Pat, I am […]

The electric scooter

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One of the first things that I noticed about the Shenzhen streets was the prevalence of the electric scooter. They are ridden by young people and old people. They’re used for delivery services, commuting to and from work and going to the buy the groceries. They aren’t slick looking Tron light bike type conveyances, or […]


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Murakami is best known for his book Norwegian Wood, but I chose Underground: the Tokyo gas attack and the Japanese Psyche as my first Murakami book. It is his only non-fiction work to date (at least to my knowledge). Murakami fled Japan after the success of Norwegian Wood and was lacking context around the Sarin […]

Google Answers + more news

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Google Answers Google Answers decides to close up shop – Google Answers is an attempt to create high quality material for knowledge search and a monetisation model at the same time. At the top end, Google Answers looked like consultancy on the cheap. Given the size of the core Google business versus other media opportunities […]

Are we too complex?

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Are we too complex is a post that I originally wrote on the now defunct Alwayson Network regarding the thoughts of Dan Geer on complexity in technology. Dan’s ideas are interesting because they make sense to the man in the street. For instance the more complex you make something, the more likely it is to […]