Throwback gadget: SnapperMail

Reading Time: 3 minutes At the end of 2001, I started to prepare of leaving my job at Edelman. This meant upgrading my home IT set up. I picked up an iBook. The iBook was Apple’s consumer-orientated laptop made from 1999 to 2006. Mine was a second generation ‘Snow’ laptop with a G3 processor, dual USB sockets and a […]

#VS250 – Inside Virgin Atlantic’s online racism crisis

Reading Time: 2 minutes Virgin Atlantic had a tough finish to the week as Chinese social media users and their overseas counterparts united to hit the airline hard. The problem had percolated for the previous two weeks on Chinese social media as netizens fumed at the way cabin staff had allegedly treated a Chinese woman traveller.

20th anniversary: A Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace

Reading Time: 7 minutes Back on February 9, 1996, John Perry Barlow wrote his declaration of of the independence of cyberspace. The declaration pointed out the folly of trying to govern something thought to be virtually ungovernable at the time. Barlow first came to prominence writing lyrics for The Grateful Dead. His ethos came from the libertarian do your […]

PrivaTegrity: the flawed model of distributed keys

Reading Time: 2 minutes Dave Chaum’s idea to to try and balance between state actors demand for internet sovereignty and the defacto end of citizen privacy, with the need to address emotive causes such as terrorism, paedophile rings and organised crime got a lot of attention from wired. The principle behind PrivaTegrity is that there would be a backdoor, but […]

David Farber on the state of technology during a lecture at Stanford

Reading Time: 1 minute David Farber runs the Interesting People email list on all things technology related and is a professor of computer science at Carnegie Mellon University. This lecture at Stanford deals with technology problems in a layman-friendly way. Treat it like a podcast and have it on in the background.