Dude, that Mary Jane’s email is the chronic

hp’s UK PR machine got a survey done with TNS, the most publicised part of the story was that email damages ones IQ more than using marijuana. I guess they don’t want to sell more iPaq’s, laptops and ProLiant servers then? More details at CNN online. Dude that PowerPoint attachment you sent me left me […]

Crystal Ball Gazing

“The man who predicts the future, even when he is right is a liar” The Koran Business 2.0 has an interesting article about ‘What’s Next For Apple?‘. The article in its weak efforts to delve into the future has collated some useful insights from respected industry experts about current issues and trends in the technology, […]

Info Imaging Explosion

Analyst house Current Analysis placed a really good by-lined article in Wireless Week as part of the show daily of the recent CTIA event in the US. The article is very US focused but provides a great overall picture of the current coming and goings in the info-imaging space. Say “Cheese” (Just Don’t Say, “Print”) […]

Deep Thinking

Forrester Research offered a scheme where prospects and liggers alike could download a free report. Never morally hamstrung, we have decided to critique the two reports that we downloaded. Trends 2005: Consumer Technology by Paul Jackson and Charles S. Galvin outlines what the authors call the ‘five macro drivers’ affecting the success of consumer electronic […]

Belief Systems

And yea it came to pass, Steve came before a multitude of the faithful and unveiled a small beige box and they saw that it was good. The box did say hello on its screen and was given the sacred name Macintosh. A name that shall be revered by the faithful for the next 21 […]