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Ian Jindal on retailing

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Ian Jindal was on top form at the Sense Loft where he presented some interesting ideas about the future of retail. I know Ian from my work with Econsultancy. Ian Jindal is also the editor of Internet Retailing and consults for the great and the good of the retail sector. Some of the observations about […]

Spook Country by William Gibson

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I read Gibson’s seminal cyberpunk works a decade ago and felt it was time to visit Gibson’s more recent work. I am not reading them in order, just as they come off the shelf. Spook Country is set in a world similar to the one that we know, and closer in time to now, than […]

Vindigo blue

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I noticed in news coverage this evening that Vindigo had closed up shop. I first ran into Vindigo when the agency that I worked for launched their London guide. The software ran on Palm PDAs in glorious monochrome. At the time we were Palm’s EMEA agency of record, so were speaking to all the right […]

London Bloggers event

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Hidden upstairs in West End pub (like an Victorian anarchist’s meeting in a Joseph Conrad story) is the monthly London Bloggers Meetup. The pub had an old world feel to it and still advertises Double Diamond beers (at least that’s what the in-pub signage said). Up the tight winding stairs and into a friendly room […]

Good To Great by Jim Collins

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Jim Collins Jim Collins, the author of Good To Great has been researching and writing about what makes companies successful since 1988, though there are points made about this and the similarity of the work done by Tom Peters at McKinsey. Peters eventually turned the outputs of that research into the book In Search of […]