200 billion dollars & other news

Reading Time: 2 minutes 200 billion dollar markets Upgrade to 5G Costs 200 Billion Dollars a Year, May Not Be Worth It | Advertising Age – this will be interesting. 3G mobile networks were in a similar position at launch. I remember going to a Cap Gemini conference at the time, where research from European mobile operator c-suite opinions… Continue reading 200 billion dollars & other news

The things that I’ve learned in agency life

Reading Time: 5 minutes Seven years ago I wrote about lessons that I’d learned in agency life. I wanted to think about how well those lessons stack up now. Work with at least one thing you are passionate about. I once read what was reputed to be a Japanese proverb: in order to do great work you have to… Continue reading The things that I’ve learned in agency life

China marketing agency landscape

Reading Time: 4 minutes China marketing agency changes Over the past two decades the China marketing agency landscape had got used to go-go growth, just by showing up. The Xi-era of China has seen the end of the go-go years in economic growth in China.  This economic maturation was one of the factors picked up on Arun Sudhaman’s analysis… Continue reading China marketing agency landscape