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Alan Kay – Normal Considered Harmful

Reading Time: < 1 minute Alan Kay is an iconoclast in the history of personal computing. He worked at Apple, Xerox PARC and Atari. He was part of Apple’s R&D team up until 1984. He has challenged the direction of personal computing and is the father of object orientated programming – which is the foundation of many modern programming and […]

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Smart home: is all we want is a better burglar alarm?

Reading Time: 2 minutes The Bluetooth Special Interest Group put together some PR-able research on what consumers think about the smart home. Methodology First of all the methodology:  online survey of over 4,000 US, UK and German consumers. The sample size is better than many, however I don’t know if the sample was self-selecting or what kind of biases might […]

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Development of social media in the pharmaceutical industry

Reading Time: 2 minutes Having worked with clients in the pharmaceutical sector, it was obvious that marketers were aware of the benefits that social media could bring for a good while. However there were a number of barriers to get over: Pharmaceutical companies didn’t know how much was being said online. A number of the clients that I worked […]