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Under Armour

I love sleep so Under Armour’s new performance pyjamas are ideal for me. Under Armour has managed to position itself as an innovator in a similar way to Nike. Under Armour was also smart to tap into sleep which is a consumer anxiety in our always on world. Under Armour is doing to clothing what Nike did to shoes. More related content here.

Consumer behaviour

Edelman Trust Barometer 2017 – UK Findings – trust in business, politicians and media all dropped precipitously


A Beginner’s Guide To Iconic House Vocalist Colonel Abrams – Electronic Beats – amazing tracks, even a couple I hadn’t heard of previously. As a 14 year old Trapped alongside The Conway Brothers Turn It Up and Paul Hardcastle’s 19 blew my mind


Ventusky global wind, rain and temperature map – this is mesmerising to look at

NEOMECHANICA – the best Tumblr account ever


Why Trump Doesn’t Tweet About Automation – will the Luddite fallacy be proved right again? Don’t count on it


Science AMA Series: I’m Joanna Bryson, a Professor in Artificial (and Natural) Intelligence | Reddit – great AMA on AI


Usually the luxury industry uses Instagram as a marketing channel. Omega have used it to inspire product development and tap into a ready made market. More on the Omega Speedster Speedy Tuesday


Stealing passwords from McDonald’s users – Tijme Gommers – weakness in angular.js


China Orders Registration of App Stores | NYTimes.com – Also partly down to the proliferation of Android app stores in China


Xiaomi stops disclosing annual sales figures as CEO admits the company grew too fast | TechCrunch – a couple of things. Smartphone manufacturers need to move as a metric from market share to share of market profits. Secondly Xiaomi makes many more products than smartphones now. Finally they seem to recognise that they need to dial down the hype engine