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I like: Ogilvy on tablets

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Nice CEO-friendly overview by Ogilvy & Mather about why tablets are important in both business-to-business and business-to-consumer contexts.

Tablets & Environments

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Biggest consumer brands in China | 中国最大的消费品牌

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The Digital Marketing Inner Circle blog had a really interesting set of infographics on the Chinese internet posted here. One image that stuck with me was this one about the most valuable Chinese brands. Out of these only three were western brands:

  • French supermarket group Carrefour
  • Coca-Cola
  • Nokia

Most popular Chinese brands
This probably says a lot about the inability of western brands to succeed in the Chinese market by understanding and addressing the needs of the Chinese consumer.

Hat tip to Digital Jungle.

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Technology strategy of US government presentation at PARC

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Interesting presentation by Stevenb Van Roekel who is the CIO of the US government. Interesting approach to procurement, software as a service and BlackBerry devices as a mobile strategy (if I was RIM, I’d be worried).

Whilst Van Roekel won’t be able to implement all the change he is talking about, his thinking is likely to influence the CIOs of large American corporates. The video is on Slideshare so may not be available to all readers.