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Welcome To Hypeddit – brilliant selection of free tracks. Hypeddit from a content perspective is rather like an old school DJ pool, but online. I wonder how long Hypeddit can last in the face of the music labels copyright enforcement industrial complex

It’s almost impossible to make money selling Android phones | Boy Genius Report – which shows the hard place where Microsoft, Nokia and BlackBerry have been. More wireless related posts here.

Hillary Clinton Takes Aim at Uber, Wall Street In First Economic Speech – it was inevitable the sharing economy was going to get political

Privacy talk at DEF CON canceled under questionable circumstances | CSO Online – the information that’s out there points to a national security letter being served on the developers

Daring Fireball: Apple’s Share of Phone Handset Industry Profits Climbs to 92 Percent – John Gruber on Apple’s ‘profit monopoly’ in the smartphone sector

The Use of Encrypted, Coded and Secret Communications is an “Ancient Liberty” Protected by the United States Constitution – which puts the law at odds with the U.S. intelligence industrial complex

The truth about blogging on Medium | TheNextWeb – why are we having to even have this discussion, Medium is the new Blogger or Typepad