Hyphbot + other news

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How Adform discovered HyphBot – one of the largest botnets to ever hit digital advertising. The full HyphBot impact on all Adform’s platforms was extremely limited, costing less than $1,000 USD per month, the impact of HyphBot may have more extensive on other online advertising platforms  (PDF)

Consumer behaviour

Have we reached peak smartphone? – Kantar‘Younger mobile users aren’t simply listening to less music or reading fewer books; instead, the way in which they are engaging with entertainment and the devices they are choosing is evolving. For example, we have seen a decline in younger mobile users listening to music on their mobiles, but the purchasing of vinyl and streaming music through home virtual assistants is on the rise. Social networking has held steady, with 87.8% of 16-24-year-olds using their phones for this purpose (87% in 2016), so as new (or retro) technologies come onto the market the role of the mobile device for younger users will continue to change.’ – a certain amount of this is BS


To predict crime, China’s tracking medical histories, cafe visits, supermarket membership, Human Rights Watch warns — Quartz – Minority Report in action


When fake news will be made by pros – Monday Note – opportunity for PR industry? ;-)

Interviews Come Back — With Cringely’s Answers – Slashdot – Slashdot’s proto-AMA with Robert X Cringely from 2000


Sweating bullets: notes about the creation of PowerPoint by Robert Gaskins – (PDF)

Google – The colour purple. | Radio Free Mobile – interesting support for Swift in the Fuchsia build


Facebook launches collaborative Stories for Groups and Events | TechCrunch – Storify / Moments for Facebook?

Social Media Is a Denial-of-Service Attack on Your Mind | Nautilus – (paywall)

Web of no web

Apple wins one of their First Augmented Reality Patents related to Compositing an AR Scene – reminded of the locative art from William Gibson’s Spook Country. More related content here.