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Amerigo Gazaway + more

Reading Time: 2 minutes Amerigo Gazaway A great summer soundtrack by Amerigo Gazaway who do some of the best blends of hip-hop with soul. More on Amerigo Gazaway here. Amerigo Gazaway has produced some amazing hip-hop versus soul and blues mashups including the likes of Marvin Gaye and BB King.  Unsafe At Any Speed I got this crash test… Continue reading Amerigo Gazaway + more

Yohji Yamamoto & things from last week

Reading Time: 2 minutes Yohji Yamamoto at the Oxford Union. Yohji Yamamoto provides design and fashion gold in his presentation to the Oxford Union. More related content here. Key outtakes from Yohji Yamamoto’s address Yohji Yamamoto’s favourite english language words : asymmetric, contradiction, opposite, corruption, immoral, absurdity, idiotic, ludicrous, resist, destroy, destruction, disobey, incomplete, enjoy, poignant, morphing & damage.… Continue reading Yohji Yamamoto & things from last week

HBN & other things from last week

Reading Time: 2 minutes Human by Nature or HBN are a relatively new streetwear brand. This HBN football shirt caught my eye; a logo that skirts perilously close to the wrath of New Balance. And the HBN geometric pattern looks like a blown up version of the adidas ‘leaf design’ 1990-92 Manchester United away shirt, but at the same scale… Continue reading HBN & other things from last week