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Amerigo Gazaway

A great summer soundtrack by Amerigo Gazaway who do some of the best blends of hip-hop with soul. More on Amerigo Gazaway here. Amerigo Gazaway has produced some amazing hip-hop versus soul and blues mashups including the likes of Marvin Gaye and BB King. 

Unsafe At Any Speed

I got this crash test video from an old college friend who had studied industrial design. The crash test of a modern car versus a 1959 model tells you a lot about how safety and design has come on in leaps and bounds.

The massive improvements in car safety design depends a lot on owes a lot to Ralph Nader’s Unsafe At Any Speed. In his book Nader posited that cars were deliberately designed to be unsafe. I don’t think that it was the result of intentional design decisions, I just think that it didn’t explicitly put safety on the design brief.  

I find it fascinating how the kinetic energy of the crash ripples through the Bel Air as if the car was a jelly mould as the metal and glass explodes to get out of the way of the Malibu. It’s also sad to see a car that has survived more than 50 years go out in a display of wanton destruction. More on design here.

Unlimited Future by W&K for Nike

Weiden & Kennedy for Nike came up with the Unlimited Future campaign. Nike opponents pointed out that it could be construed as a reference to their sweat shop factories. Either way you don’t see other sports apparel brands doing powerful brand anthems like this

Manhole covers

Pirate Printers: Shirts and Totes Printed Directly on Urban Utility Covers | Colossal – just waiting for a Stanton Warrior t-shirt or using city and prefecture customised Japanese manhole covers

Marlene Dietrich as you’ve never seen her before

US public broadcaster has been bringing some of its vintage interviews to life like this video featuring Marlene Dietrich