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Apple Is Trash + more news

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Reading Time: 4 minutes Apple Is Trash Why Apple Is Trash? Because Apple has demonstrated a moral bankruptcy in its behaviour. In the west, it is pro-LGBTQI, pro-security, pro-freedom etc. However its conduct elsewhere shows that it supports and strives to please authoritarian regimes. The Information on Apple in China, Apple’s Deal, Evaluating Apple’s China Risk – Stratechery by […]

Apple Daily & other things this week

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Reading Time: 5 minutes Apple Daily Hong Kong newspaper Apple Daily closed down. It closed under government pressure. If we’re honest about it, it had been under government pressure for years. Advertisers were reluctant to be in the paper for years, partly due to government sentiment. Despite being Hong Kong’s most popular paper, it was running on loans that […]

Apple souled out to China

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Reading Time: 8 minutes Apple designed in California and sold in China. Is it now Apple souled out to China? Apple is often cited as being a technology brand with a purpose and profiitable. It is unique in mobile phones, computers, tablets and set top boxes. It has a throw back model to the pre-Windows age of computing. It […]