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An unscientific assessment of Baidu

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Reading Time: 4 minutes Google has finally left the Chinese market for search, so I thought I would try the alternative, hence an unscientific assessment of Baidu. My trial is unscientific in nature and not particularly rigorous. I did what most consumers would have done and searched for myself. I was quite open-minded about this, on the one hand […]

Spanx + more news

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Reading Time: 6 minutes Spanx Spanx commits to all-female board after Blackstone investment — Quartz – More than  a quarter of board seats in the Russell 3000 Index belonged to women during the last quarter, compared to 15.1% just five years ago, according the corporate leadership research firm Equilar. Still, just 84 of these boards had achieved gender parity, […]

Frances Haugen

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Reading Time: 6 minutes Why Frances Haugen? Frances Haugen went from an unknown to prominence in the space of a week. Ms Haugen is the whistle blower who collaborated with the Wall Street Journal on a series of stories about Facebook.[1] Her identity became public when she appeared on US programme 60 Minutes. 60 Minutes included allegations of promoting […]