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Think and rethink that iPad

Reading Time: < 1 minute We have iPads scattered around the office, primarily so that staff can see the benefits and limitations of the touch interface. I have one at home that is left idle a lot of the time. I know an architect who uses it as part of her creative process and a graphic designer friend who uses […]

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If magazine apps are CD-ROM 2.0, what are movie apps? | iPad的电影应用

Reading Time: < 1 minute A while ago I wrote about the similarity between iPad magazine and newspaper applications with the CD-ROMs | CD-i of yesteryear.  The announcement by Warner Bros that they were going to distribute two of their films as an iPad application got me thinking. Firstly, like 3D, I suspect this is a way of wrapping the […]

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Arbitrage opportunities in iPad shopping

Reading Time: < 1 minute With products like the iPad which comes in different specifications, a spreadsheet is a boon. I had been thinking about picking one up in Hong Kong, but all the prices looked very similar to the UK prices in the Apple Store, so I left it well alone. Getting home, I decided to have a look […]