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Throwback gadget: Palm Vx

Reading Time: 5 minutes When I started agency life I still had a trusty Filofax that had my contacts I had built up from DJing, working in the oil industry and being in college written in barely legible text on address sheets or plastic sheets stuffed with business cards. It had a reassuring heft to it like it contained… Continue reading Throwback gadget: Palm Vx

Palm | HP portable devices

Reading Time: 4 minutes I decided to jot down some thoughts on the demise of the Palm | HP portable devices business. I am not going to say whether it was the right or wrong thing to do mainly because other people have been doing that already. HP and the mobile device HP was arguably the original modern mobile… Continue reading Palm | HP portable devices

Palm, Apple, Google and the whole mobile device thing

Reading Time: 2 minutes Mobile seems to have become an issue as technology companies start to think about the future. Part of this consideration of the future has to do with the fact that some experts think that we are into our final decade of gains from Moore’s Law and once that goes kaput Silicon Valley turns into the… Continue reading Palm, Apple, Google and the whole mobile device thing