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Is there a luxury smartphone segment?

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There are luxury smartphones, but is there a meaningful luxury smartphone segment? From Apple’s iPhone price inflation to Huawei and Blackberry’s Porsche Design devices, manufacturers have looked to cater to a ‘luxury’ consumer. Prior to this is you had the Vertu phone with its concierge service and niche players like Goldvish catering for the the […]

My decade of the iPhone

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A decade of the iPhone – last week has seen people looking back at the original launch. At the time, I was working an agency that looked after the Microsoft business. I used a Mac, a Nokia smartphone and a Samsung dual SIM feature phone.  At the time I had an Apple hosted email address […]

Generational user experience effects

Published: (Updated: ) in consumer behaviour | 消費者行為 | 소비자 행동, design | 設計 | 예술과 디자인 | デザイン, gadget | 小工具 | 가제트 | ガジェット, ideas | 想法 | 생각 | 考える, materials | 原料 | 원료 | 原材料, technology | 技術 | 기술 | テクノロジー by .

This post fell out of a conversation I had about mobile applications in particular SnapChat. The idea of generational user experience effects came from my own experience of consumer electronics. This  crossed over from wired and analogue devices through to the present day, which provides me with a wide perspective on how things have changed. […]

An odyssey to get online

Published: (Updated: ) in innovation | 革新 | 독창성 | 改変, london | 倫敦 | 런던 | ロンドン, online | 線上 | 온라인으로 | オンライン, technology | 技術 | 기술 | テクノロジー, telecoms | 電信 | 통신 | テレコム, wireless | 無線 |무선 네트워크 | 無線 by .

I have gone through a number of journeys to get online. This year I will have been connected to the internet for 20 years. I actually had email even longer. Back in 1994, I was working on a temporary contact at a company called Optical Fibres – a collaboration between Corning and UK cable maker […]

Jim Yurchenco & other things this week

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Before IDEO was better known for corporate workshops and collaborative sessions; it did really good product design. This great interview / video by IDEO of veteran mechanical engineer and industrial designer Jim Yurchenco. Yurchenco is a throwback to when IDEO designed things. Yurchenco worked on the design of the original Apple mouse, in the video […]