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Social cryptomnesia

Reading Time: 2 minutes Historically, social cryptomnesia has been used as a term to talk about the way movements don’t get credit for societal change. For instance, activists such feminism or the green movement don’t get credit for widespread acceptance of women’s rights or climate change. Instead politicians like Al Gore got the credit. Instead feminist groups and environmental… Continue reading Social cryptomnesia

Loose networks & social connections

Reading Time: 3 minutes I went to a family funeral and got to think about loose networks and social connections. In Ireland the tradition for a funeral is: As soon as possible after death, the body goes to the funeral home. A coroner will have had to sign off on it The body is put on exhibition in the… Continue reading Loose networks & social connections

Preparing to get a brand on social media

Reading Time: 3 minutes In order to get a brand on social media it isn’t about dropping brand assets on social channels but thinking about what it actually means. Distillation of this process is likely to appear on a social media document: It contextualises why social, there must be a business and brand reason to be there beyond ‘well… Continue reading Preparing to get a brand on social media