Sina Weibo presentation

Reading Time: 1 minute I personally think that Sina Weibo is one of the most exciting social web services that has come out in the past couple of years, calling it the Chinese Twitter does it a disservice as it provides a smarter more rounded user experience than Twitter did. It has spawned a number of  imitators from local … Read moreSina Weibo presentation

Content as advertainment | 有趣的广告内容

Reading Time: 1 minute Back when the web was like drinking treacle through a straw, BMW put a series of mini films featuring Clive Owen online directed by different film-makers under an umbrella title of The Hire. Since then luxury brands have put these productions in play to tell the story around their brands and engage audiences online. In … Read moreContent as advertainment | 有趣的广告内容

I like: Howmax U | 我喜欢 Howmax U

Reading Time: 1 minute Howmax is a Chinese beverage brand who make a distinctive fruit-flavoured drink. The uniqueness of the product is amplified by the simple product design as the drink consists of coloured capsules in suspension. You end up drinking them with your eyes due to their similarity to a lava lamp, before drinking them with your mouth. … Read moreI like: Howmax U | 我喜欢 Howmax U

The social web in China | 中国社会互联网

Reading Time: 1 minute Big shout out to the Ogilvy 360 team for pulling together this infographic. Web behaviour in China is different to the US, so you can’t just go ‘find-and-replace’ Facebook with RenRen. Click on the image to get a larger version on Flickr.

Selling China to the world

Reading Time: 1 minute An advert was commissioned by the Chinese government from a Shanghai-based agency to promote China in advance of President Hu’s visit to the US. The problem was that the video didn’t resonate all that well with western audience;  maybe it was the agency, maybe it was the brief or maybe it was time constraints and … Read moreSelling China to the world