Selling China to the world

Reading Time: 1 minute An advert was commissioned by the Chinese government from a Shanghai-based agency to promote China in advance of President Hu’s visit to the US. The problem was that the video didn’t resonate all that well with western audience;  maybe it was the agency, maybe it was the brief or maybe it was time constraints and … Read moreSelling China to the world

Michael Jackson and the Wonder Girls versus the Beijing Police | 平安北京

Reading Time: 1 minute Fair play to members of the Beijing police for being good sports and putting this video together and releasing it over the Chinese New Year on their Weibo account under the moniker ‘Peace Beijing’. When they’re not busy fighting crime, they also find time to write a blog.

The world’s biggest estate agent sign?

Reading Time: 1 minute Sorry about the poor quality of this picture, I took it whilst the car was at the traffic lights in downtown Shenzhen. The actual ‘For Lease’ notice is over several of the top stories of a skyscraper in downtown Shenzhen. The sign is outside the building and lit up with neon in common with other … Read moreThe world’s biggest estate agent sign?