Space arms race + more things

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As Russia stalks US satellites, a space arms race may be heating up – Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists – interesting developments in space, some of the ideas are more akin to hacking than what most people might consider warfare. This new space arms race puts a different angle on the current China | US space race to Moon and beyond

This Japanese Zoo is Using Stuffed Capybaras to Visualize Social Distancing | Colossal – really interesting (and cute) approach to social distancing by design

China warns audit plans will drive companies from US exchanges | Financial Times – translation, will make it much harder for Chinese companies that are so inclined to pull the kind of stunts that Muddy Waters Research et al have consistency found them out on

UK’s Harrods tests personal shopper services as retail stores remain closed – really interesting move, especially given the challenges that luxury brands have faced in providing a high quality luxury retail experience post-lockdown in China and other markets

WePresent | After midnight, time and people move differently – Liam Wong’s images are stunning

Netflix will start cancelling inactive members’ subscriptions | CNBC – interesting and counterintuitive move

End of circulation wars: Sun and Times opt out of publishing ABC numbers | Campaign – guessing that the real numbers aren’t not flattering. They also realise that a very public massive drop in numbers would appear as social proof to readers that its ok to give up their subscriptions (paywall)

Mediatel: Mediatel News: From Pong to a multi-billion dollar media channel advertisers can’t ignoreNow that gaming is mainstream and likely to show further explosive growth the big question remains – is it an advertising medium, effectively a new channel for brands to reach consumers? – Mediatel has an event to sell so I will hold judgement over their yes. I want hard data. More on gaming related content here

How HBO took on the streaming wars | Financial Times – the big question here is around maintaining HBO quality and brand equity given the content hose required

Surge in drive-in cinemas could signal phased return of live experiences | Campaign – I hear drive-in and immediately think of American Graffiti (paywall)