Old school ring-pull device

Reading Time: < 1 minute I noticed this on the top of a can of 7-Up. I was at school when the UK moved over to non-detachable ring-pulls on drinks cans. Prior to this the playground and pavements used to be littered with these little aluminum shards. Given Hong Kong’s culture of charging for plastic bags I was surprised to … Read moreOld school ring-pull device

Chinese trip observations

Reading Time: 2 minutes After my first few days in-country I made a note of things that struck me: Media industry China might appear as public enemy number one for movie piracy according to Hollywood but that’s only a small bit of the story. Going into a Starbucks gives you an idea of the huge magazine industry here. Many … Read moreChinese trip observations

Observations on travel experience with Cathay Pacific @cathaypacific

Reading Time: 3 minutes My usual approach with travel is to try and follow the path of least resistance and get from A->B without pondering the whys and wherefores but I was set off down this chain-of-thought by an airline questionnaire. I was asked to complete the questionnaire early on in the flight, having been picked as part of … Read moreObservations on travel experience with Cathay Pacific @cathaypacific

Cultural confusion

Reading Time: < 1 minute Back in 80s and the early 90s there was a time when logos were transformed and parodied. Desktop publishing tools and Photoshop opened up whole new areas of creativity and empowered satirists everywhere. Stüssy did the linked back-to-back double-S logo as a riff on the iconic Chanel logo, market stalls had ‘adinuff’ t-shirts, Coca-Cola was … Read moreCultural confusion