An unscientific assessment of Baidu

Reading Time: 4 minutes Google has finally left the Chinese market for search, so I thought I would try the alternative Baidu. My trial is gloriously unscientific in nature and not particularly rigorous. I did what most consumers would have done and searched for myself. I was quite open-minded about this, on the one hand Google has been killing … Read moreAn unscientific assessment of Baidu

Jargon Watch: Naked official

Reading Time: 1 minute Like the Irish, immigration is part of the Chinese psyche. Reading an article in, I was reminded of one particular tranche of Chinese immigration: prior to, and during the handover of Hong Kong; a number of families chose to move to Canada and other countries. The families lived in places with large existing Chinese … Read moreJargon Watch: Naked official

China South City

Reading Time: 2 minutes China South City is a complex just outside Pinghu, Shenzhen that allows manufacturers to showcase their wares. Think Hannover Messe but as a full-time stand. It is populated with paper salesmen, pallets of raw plastic from chemical companies, fabrics companies and factories that churn out garments and accessories. Many of the halls look like Smithfields … Read moreChina South City

Personal user experience of the internet in China

Reading Time: 2 minutes If you are like me you probably have some favourite platforms that you find useful for your online life. This is a list of what I found worked and didn’t work during my time in China. I thought that it would be handy to know, so that if you were visiting you could put surrogate … Read morePersonal user experience of the internet in China